Released: 22 May 2012
  1. Honey from a Knife
  2. Elemental Light
  3. The Wolf
  4. Life>Death
  5. For the Animals
  6. Amnesia
  7. Wilderness Now
  8. Lucifer
  9. A Pale Horse
  10. This Night in the City Forever


Bonus Tracks:

  1. Every Man And Woman Is A Star
  2. Embers
  3. Until The Light Takes Us
  4. Siberia
Choice Of Weapon, LPx2, COOKLP548, USA, w/ white vinyl capsule 12”
Choice Of Weapon, LPx2, COOKLP548, UK, w/ white vinyl capsule 12”
(Embers sleeve signed by Ian and John, EMAWIAS sleeve signed by John and Chris, during meet and greet at 013 Tilburg, november 4th 2013)
Choice Of Weapon, CD, ARG, MBB20092
Choice Of Weapon, CD, EU, COOKCD548P, 10-track promo in jewlecase
Choice Of Weapon, CD, JAP, COCB-60050, 10-track promo in plastic sleeve, no artwork
Choice Of Weapon, CD, UK, COOKCD548W, 10-track numbered promo, #838, plastic wallet
Choice Of Weapon, CD, USA, watermarked promo #0099, 14 track w/ diff. backsleeve
Choice Of Weapon, CDx2, JAP, COCB-60050/TDCL-92012, definitive edition
Choice Of Weapon, CDx2, UK, COOKCD548X, w/ capsule cds, signed by Billy, Chris and John
Choice Of Weapon, CDx2, USA, none, Deluxe Edition w/ capsule cds


A limited ITunes only release until 21-12-2012 


  1. Aurora (This Night In The City Forever)
  2. Blackie (A Pale Horse)
  3. The Bones (For The Animals)
  4. Decado (Lucifer)
  5. Elemental (Elemental Light)
  6. Gibraltar (The Wolf)
  7. Twisted And Bleeding (Wilderness Now)
  8. Militant (Amnesia)
  9. Supreme (Honey From A Knife)
  10. Lucifer (Life > Death)
Rockline - Interview And Music Radio Show to promote COW, CDX2, USA, broadcasted may 23rd 2012 w/ cue sheet
In The Sudio - BeardedFISCH Production 23/06/14, CD, CAN, SE1426/THE CULT, Love, Electric and Sonic Temple (host Billy Duffy), for radioplay only