This PDF file contains a full list of all formats (vinyl, CD, tape, video, DVD, etc.) I collected over the years. My latest additions (see list below) are not included yet.
In the future I will create a PDF file for memorabilia as well.
Latest additions:
Interview Picture Disc - Limited Edition CD clock, Baktabak Records, CD, UK, CBAK 94027
Live Cult, Marquee London MCMXCI (pt.1&2), CD, UK, BEGA2027CDD
Death Cult EP, 12", UK, SIT 23T, white label promo
Love, LP, K25P577, JAP, promo w/ obi, lyric sheet and promo sticker
Wild Hearted Son, 7", ITA, BEG 255
Fuzztones - Nine Months Later, 12", UK, SIT61T, Ian vocals on 'Down On The Street'
Boris & Ian Astbury - BXI, CDS, EU, CD-R, promo in white cardboard sleeve 
ReMission International - TOS2020, 12", EU, SPV 243541 LP, gold vinyl, BD on guitar
ReMission International - TOS2020, CDS, EU, SPV 243542 CD-EP, BD on guitar
Coloursound - S/T, LP, GNWRC001, remastered 2020 release, black vinyl
Coloursound - S/T, LP/7", GNWRC001, red vinyl #084/250, bonus 7" Fade In Fade Out (2020)
Coloursound - S/T, LP/7", GNWRC001, blue vinyl #053/250, bonus 7" Fade In Fade Out (2020)
Coloursound - S/T, CD, GNWRCD001, remastered 2020 release