1. Brothers Fights
  2. Dolly Bird          
  3. Cream 
  4. Blind    
  5. Opium 
  6. Space Junkie     
  7. She       
  8. You Are There  
  9. Magick Christian            
  10. Bodhisattva
Cream, LP, UK, BBQLP 182

Cream, CD, JAP, WPCR-727, promo sample w/ obi + lyric sheet
Cream, CD, UK, BBQCD 182, ‘Bodhisattva includes a ‘Crass’ snippet, UK only'
Cream, CD, USA, 946223-2, w/ golden promo stamp
Cream, CD, USA, 2-46223-A, promo only advance cd w/ backtitle insert
Cream, TAPE, GER, promo tape, w/ white Interchord label insert
Cream, TAPE, UK, BBQMC182
Cream, TAPE, ITA, OW008MC, stickered case


Space Junkie, 7", UK, BBQ 65, printed on clear vinyl

Space Junkie, CDS, AUS, D1370, different sleeve (image taken from the video for Space Junkie)
Space Junkie, CDS, UK, BBQ 65CD, standard jewelcase
Space Junkie, CDS, UK, BBQ 65CD, promo w/ release sticker on slimline jewelcase
Space Junkie/Dolly Bird, CDS, HOL, 825 054

Dolly Bird, CDS, USA, PRO CD 8092, promo

Brother Fights, CDS, USA, PROCD 8105, promo

  1. Under The Sun
  2. Fountainhead
  3. State Of Independence
  4. Heavy Rain
  5. View From A Different Window
  6. Alive
  7. This Life
  8. All Kinds Of Wonderful
  9. For The Love Of
  10. Where Do You Want To Go?
  11. Fade In Fade Out Fade Away
Coloursound - 4 track demo, CDS, 21CS001, UK, ltd edition of 1000
Coloursound - S/T, CD, 21C008, UK, feat. Billy Duffy and Craig Adams (digipack)
Coloursound - S/T, CD, UK, promo
Coloursound - Complete, CD, 21C022/023/024, UK, 3CD, housed together in a black cardboard sleeve
Coloursound - S/T, LP, GNWRC001, remastered 2020 release, black vinyl
Coloursound - S/T, LP/7", GNWRC001, red vinyl #084/250, bonus 7" Fade In Fade Out (2020)
Coloursound - S/T, LP/7", GNWRC001, blue vinyl #053/250, bonus 7" Fade In Fade Out (2020)
Coloursound - S/T, CD, GNWRCD001, remastered 2020 release
  1. Back On Earth
  2. High Time Amplifier
  3. Devil's Mouth
  4. Tonight
  5. Metaphysical Pistol
  6. The Witch
  7. It's Over
  8. El Ché / Wild Like A Horse
  9. Tyger
  10. Shambala (R.F.L.)

Spirit/Light/Speed, LP, UK, BBQLP 208
Spirit/Light/Speed, CD, JAP, MECI 25157, w/ obi plus bonus track High Time Amplifier (Witchman Mix) Spirit/Light/Speed, CD, RUS, MOFR 00367 
Spirit/Light/Speed, CD, UK, BBQCD 208
Spirit/Light/Speed, CD, UK, BBQCD 208, cd acetate, different working titles
Untitled, CD, USA, BBQCD 208, cd-r promo in cardboard sleeve, different working titles
Album Sampler, CDS, UK, L17B118C, 3 track promo, masterpiece cd acetate


High Time Amplifier, 7", UK, BBQ 334
High Time Amplifier, 12", UK, NBG1, promo incl. mental defectives league-one true parker-witchmanmix
High Time Amplifier, CDS, UK, BBQ 334CD



Harry, Deborah - Def, Dumb & Blonde, CD, HOL, 3 21650 2, Ian vocals on `Lovelight´

Jones, Steve - Fire And Gasoline, CD, USA, MCAD 6298, produced by Ian, contribution to ´I did u no wrong´

Fuzztones - Nine Months Later, 12", UK, SIT61T, Ian vocals on 'Down On The Street'

Fuzztones - Nine Months Later, 12", UK, SIT61T, white label promo w/ Rushes release sheet

Fuzztones - In Heat, Ltd. Ed. 1989 tour souvenir, 10", UK, SIT61P, picture disc, Ian vocals on 'Down On The Street'



Four Horsemen, The - Nobody Said It Was Easy, CD, USA, 9 26561-2, Ian contributes tambourine and backing vocals



Circus Of Power - Magic & Madness, CD, USA, CK 48871, Ian lends his vocals to the track ´Shine´ 

Messiah - 21st Century Jesus, CD, USA, 9 45168-2, Ian lends his vocals to the track ‘Creator’



Zen Mafia - California, CDS, USA, RDJ 65840-2, chorus/ad lib vocals by Ian



Iommi, Tommi w/ Ian Astbury - Flame on, CDS, USA, acetate 1-track, 'Rent a Label', no sleeves 

Stoned Immaculate – The Music of the Doors, CD, USA, 7559-62475-2, Wild Child (The Cult) and Touch Me (Ian)



Doors: a celebration VH-1 storytellers, DVD, EU, 88304 9, Ian sings Whiskey Bar, Back Door Man and Wild Child 

Zilch - Skyjin, CD, JAP, CTCR-17071, Ian Astbury lends his vocals to the tracks: Hide And Seek, Make The Motherfuckers Wake Up, and Tekmotophychosister - Virusmaker7.

Zilch - Mimizuzero, CDS, JAP, CTCR-40063

Zilch - Mimizuzero, CDS, JAP, CTCR-40063, sealed promo copy, Ian lends his vocals to the track 'Ape Messiah' 



The Doors of the 21st Century - LA Woman Live, DVD, EU, 82876 613230 9 

The Doors of the 21st Century - Live in Hollywood New Year's Eve 2004, CDx3, USA, #100/1000



Unkle - Self Defense (Boxset Highlights), CD, UK,  GUUNKBX1CD, promo, Ian vocals on 'Burn My Shadow' (Junkie XL Remix)



Unkle - Burn My Shadow, 7", UK, SURR004S, picture disc

Unkle - Burn My Shadow, 12", UK, SURR004T, white label promo 'wrong a-side written on plain sleeve'

Unkle - Burn My Shadow, 12", UK, SURR004T, red vinyl

Unkle - Burn My Shadow, CDS, UK, SURR004CDP, promo, radio edit + album version

Unkle - Burn My Shadow, CDS, UK, SURR004CD, 3-track

Unkle - Burn My Shadow Remix Promo, CDS, UK, All Surrender label, 8-track promo

Unkle - Burn My Shadow - War Stories, CDS, JAP, TRCP-5, 1-track promo, Ian vocals on 'Burn My Shadow'

Unkle - War Stories, CD, UK, SURR005CDX, Ian vocals on ´Burn My Shadow´ and ´When Things Explode´ 



Fuzztones - Illegitimate Spawn 2, CD, EUR, TWIST BIG29, double cd, Ian vocals on 'Cheyenne Rider' 

Slash - Ghost, CDS, GER, RR PROMO 1217, 1-track promo w/ cardboard sleeve

Boris & Ian Astbury - BXI, 12", USA, LORD120LP, white label promo #3/5 w/ Southern Lord release sheet

Boris & Ian Astbury - BXI, 12", USA, LORD120LP, black vinyl

Boris & Ian Astbury - BXI, 12", USA, LORD120LP, blue vinyl

Boris & Ian Astbury - BXI, 12", USA, LORD120LP, pink vinyl w/ poster

Boris & Ian Astbury - BXI, CDS, JAP, DYMC-126, digipack

Boris & Ian Astbury - BXI, CDS, USA, LORD120

Boris & Ian Astbury - BXI, CDS, EU, CD-R, promo in white cardboard sleeve 



Boris - Heavy Rocks, CD, USA, SH058, Ian contributes to 'Riot Sugar' 

Unkle - Only The Lonely, CDS, AUS, PODCD0757. promo, Ian vocals on 'Forever'



George Fest - a night to celebrate the music of George Harrison, CDx2/DVD, EU, 538187717, Ian sings ‘Be Here Now'



Ruby Trax - The NME's Roaring Forty - V/A, CDx3, UK, NME40CD, BD & Johnny Marr contribute with a track 'The Good, The Bad And The Ugly'



Circus Diablo - S/T, CD, AUS, KOC-CD-4400 



Dead Men Walking - live at Leeds, UK 20/07/2003, CD, RESISTANCE 002, UK 



Owl - S/T, CD, USA, 6 43237 01020 8, Billy lead guitar on 'Sky Rocket'



ReMission International - TOS2020, 12", EU, SPV 243541 LP, gold vinyl, BD on guitar
ReMission International - TOS2020, CDS, EU, SPV 243542 CD-EP, BD on guitar