The Singles - C.O.W. / Capsules 1 & 2

For The Animals - Honey From A Knife - The Wolf - Lucifer

Every Man And Woman Is A Star (E.M.A.W.I.A.S.) - Embers 

For The Animals/Lucifer, 7", USA,  picture disc (limited edition, Record Store Day 2012)
For The Animals, CDS, UK, FRYDL475P, 2-track promo
For The Animals, CDS, USA, 1-track promo w/ info at backsleeve
Honey From A Knife, CDS, UK, FRYCD515P, 1-track promo, cardsleeve
The Wolf, CDS, EU, FRYCD524P, 1-track promo, cardsleeve
Lucifer, CDS, EU, FRYCD503P, 1-track promo
EMAWIAS, DUALD, CAPSULE1, USA, 4 tracks + video ´Prelude2Ruins´
EMAWIAS/Siberia, 12", USA, limited edition of 1000
EMAWIAS/Siberia, 12", USA, limited edition of 1000, insert signed by the band 
EMAWIAS/Siberia Limited Edition #43/100, 12", USA, transparant vinyl, certificate, white stickered sleeve
Embers/Untill The Light Takes Us, CDS, USA, CAPSULE2, 4 tracks + video, w/ stickered black jacket

Embers, CDS, USA, 1 track promo w/ stamped sleeve

MMX Las Vegas, 16/09/10, USA, USB stick