"We never had fans - we have addicts. You either need it or you don`t.
You either get it or you won`t.
There is nothing casual about The Cult. We attract pure votaries."
Ian Astbury
Last update: 30-10-2020


29th September 2020: due to the use of a new editor, I am forced to rebuild the website. On the one hand it is a pity that a lot of the previous work has disappeared, on the other hand I can now more easily apply new ideas. To be continued ...

Hi there, welcome to 'TheCultCollection.NL'

As a huge 'The Cult' follower and collector from The Netherlands I originally created this website in april 2012. In the months prior to this, the idea of ​​sharing the collection with all addicts around the world, arose.

Check it out, just push a button in the menu and don't forget the submenus!